Meet The 2017 Real Men Candidates!


Dr. Kevin Plaisance

Kevin is a family medicine physician whose hobbies include coaching, family outings, fishing, and genealogy. He lives by the words “Treat others as you would treat your mother.” (And he loves his mother!) He always strives to be a great example to others in every facet of his life, and believes there is an innate sense of good in all people. Kevin’s hero is his father, because he provides Kevin with an ongoing example of a loving parent who can do anything he puts his mind to. Kevin is inspired by all volunteers, whose selfless acts are the true route to happiness and world peace. Kevin’s nickname is “smiley” because he has had a constant positive attitude ever since childhood. He is passionate about raising his children to be faith-centered, honest, and well-rounded. As a physician, Kevin has seen the effects of domestic violence on his patients and others, and believes it is the responsibility of our entire community to take action to protect the lives of the innocent.



AJ Wrublewski

AJ is Captain of the Slidell Fire Department who enjoys fishing and hunting. He lives by the words, “You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time.” AJ is inspired every day by his wife and children, and he is passionate about building the next generation of leaders. On the subject of domestic violence, AJ states: “I recently learned that 5 million children witness domestic violence every year in the U.S. These same children are neglected at a rate of 1500% higher than the national average, and are three times more likely to repeat the cycle in adulthood. Domestic violence is not only affecting adults, but our nation’s youth as well. I believe it’s a matter of the heart. I’m excited to be a part of this organization to bring awareness levels up, and also to get to the heart of the matter.


Dan Casey

Dan is retired, after owning and selling his third-generation title/software business, but still does occasional work as a consultant. Dan enjoys spending as much time as possible with his grandchildren, whether it’s on the river or in the back yard just hanging with them. Dan loves boating, whether fishing or just taking a ride up river or to New Orleans for lunch. Dan has served on the Board of New Heights Therapy Center for the past 8 years, and just retired from the St. Tammany Sheriff’s Reserve Mounted Division. He also serves on the United Way Tocqueville Cabinet for Greater New Orleans.



Andrew “Andy” Frisard

Andy is a small business owner. His hobbies include Mardi Gras and saltwater aquariums. He lives by the words, “Keep smiling, and never take tomorrow for granted.” Andy’s hero is his dad, who lived life to the fullest. Andy is inspired by blind acts of kindness and is passionate about life. Andy believes there is no place in our society for domestic violence, and that we must educate the survivors and prosecute the offenders.


Jimmy Strickland, III

Jimmy is a chief engineer, and enjoys playing with his grandchildren, basketball, and bowling. He believes we should treat others the way we want to be treated. His hero is his dad, who was a great father, husband, and provider. Jimmy is inspired by God and wants to see others succeed and prosper. Jimmy has this to say about domestic violence: “Violence of any kind is not acceptable, especially in domestic situations. Every man should respect every woman, with the same respect he would give his mother and daughters.”


William “Billy” Burris

Billy is an attorney whose hobbies include running, kayaking, canoeing, reading, and shooting. He believes you should treat others the way you want to be treated. Billy’s hero is his father, because he is an example of a Christian husband, father, and citizen. Billy is passionate about his faith, his family, and his career. Regarding domestic violence, Billy says: “The abuse [is] devastating,  but the after-effects and generational consequences are even worse.”

Scott Discon

Scott is an attorney in Mandeville. He is a Board Member of the Pontchartrain Yacht Club, the NOLA City Bark and City Bark, and Events Chair and Board Member for the Humane Society Northshore. Scot enjoys exercise, dogs, gardening, boating, animal rescue and community service.

Stephen Satterlee

Stephen is a wealth advisor who enjoys boating, fishing, and hunting. He lives by the words “faith and trust.” He is inspired by great leaders, and his hero is Ronald Reagan, who led with vision and was not afraid to take a stand for what he believed. Stephen believes domestic violence is senseless and needs to be stopped.

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